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Overkill permanently cuts PayDay 2 prices, releases new Meltdown update for heist shooter

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If you've ever played Overkill Software's excellent heist thriller PayDay 2, you'll know it has an absolute shedload of DLC – guns, missions, masks, and extra characters. John Wick even makes an appearance.

The developer's hoping to tempt you into trying out some of those goodies by offering a permanent price reduction on both the base game, and every piece of content released in the first sixteen months of its lifespan.

Starbreeze's new project Storm is "Payday in Space"

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Starbreeze is working on a new shooter project called Storm but very little is known about it, until now. According to an investor's report, Storm is essentially described as "Payday in Space".

This little nugget was found from the Swedish write-up of their financial report which is publicly available. Courtesy of Google Translation sorcery, Swedish is decipherable.

Next Payday may feature 'cops vs. robbers' mode

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Game director David Goldfarb has teased that his studio might include a versus mode in the next Payday sequel, which missed out on in Payday 2 as the "core focus is not versus" but co-op.

They made a lot of "ambitious and risky" decisions for Payday 2, but it came out on time because they didn't wander off the beaten path. They might risk it next time.

Wolfpack DLC now available for Payday: The Heist

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Sony Online Entertainment has announced that the new Wolfpack premium downloadable content is now available for Overkill Software's multiplayer bank robbery FPS Payday: The Heist. The Wolfpack DLC includes new heists, new tactics, advanced gameplay and bigger payouts.

Free "Mercy Hospital" DLC now available for Payday: The Heist

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The special Left 4 Dead-themed level for Payday: The Heist is now available as downloadable content. "Mercy Hospital" ties in with the zombie apocalypse co-op game by taking place in the same hospital level from the game, but before the outbreak.

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