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Uber cancels Human Resources Kickstarter, still looking to bring the RTS to life "in some form"

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Uber Entertainment intended RTS Human Resources to be their next big crowd-funded hit, following on from the recently released Planetary Annihilation.

Unfortunately it didn't work out that way. After realising that there's just not the same level of interest in the project as there was in their previous hit, Uber has cancelled its Kickstarter campaign.

You'll be able to play Planetary Annihilation offline later this week

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Planetary Annihilation is currently one of those exasperating titles that decides not to work if you don't have a connection to the internet, but thankfully that's about to change.

Developer Uber Entertainment has revealed that a new patch coming this week will enable offline play. Player-run servers are also on the way in a future patch.

Planetary Annihilation trailer reveals September release date

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Kickstarter hit Planetary Annihilation is very nearly ready to roll after almost two years in development. A shiny new trailer from the team at Uber Entertainment reveals a September 5 final release date.

My favourite thing about the game? You can use what is essentially the Star Wars Death Star to blow up helpless planets. Really, that's all I've ever wanted from a videogame.

Planetary Annihilation Early Access version now available in retail boxed form

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Well this is a new one. Large-scale sci-fi Planetary Annihilation has been out in Early Access mode for quite some time, but now it's also got an actual retail release... for said Early Access version.

After a user on Reddit expressed his confusion at finding a retail box at his local store, developer Uber's director Jan Mavor explained the decision in an email to Game Informer.

Free singleplayer mode added to Planetary Annihilation

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Uber Entertainment has announced today that a singleplayer mode has been added to the inter-planetary sci-fi RTS Planetary Annihilation. Available for free, Galactic War mode allows you to explore and battle across a dynamic, procedurally-generated galaxy, taking on AI opponents and unlocking new technology and skills as you go.

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