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Prey 2 has been officially cancelled by Bethesda‏

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So long Prey 2, we hardly knew ye. Bethesda has officially confirmed that the sci-fi shooter, which looked reasonably promising when it emerged back in 2011, is no longer in production.

Bethesda’s head marketing bod Pete Hines revealed the news in an interview with CNet, explaining that the game wasn't living up to the publisher's expectations of quality.

Report: Email has Prey 2 at Arkane, pitched as System Shock "spiritual successor"

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It's battle of contradictions! Bethesda's Pete Hines recently denied rumours that Human Head's Prey 2 was with Arkane, with studio CEO Raphael Colantonio also pouring ice water on the silly notion.

...except it's not so silly according to leaked emails from Colantonio to Arkane staff. He refers to Pre 2 as an "interesting opportunity" if they reboot it, and so they did.

Bethesda insists Arkane not working on Prey 2

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Prey 2 continues to share the same existence as Schrodinger's cat, in a box somewhere neither alive or dead, as Bethesda states that Prey 2 is not dead, nor is Dishonored developer Arkane working on it.

Bethesda now accused of sabotaging Prey 2 in attempt to buy out Human Head

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The soap opera that is Prey 2 continues to rage as new allegations have popped up claiming Bethesda sabotaged the game in an attempt to buy out the game's developer Human Head.

Rumour: Prey 2 development taken over by Dishonored's Arkane

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Sci-fi first-person shooter Prey 2 is apparently getting thrown over to Dishonored's Arkane. Bethesda has been trying to get someone to take the project since splitting from Human Head in 2011.

Some Arkane devs don't want it, apparently. Other tipsters alleged that Obsidian was working on it at one stage, and Rebellion turned it down. Prey 2 is one orphaned game project at this stage.

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