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The Grand Grey Bar Hotel.

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Prison Architect has a secret 3D mode

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Prison Architect is a deep simulator in which players must build a jail that can house, feed, and keep an eye on criminal inmates. Players have to thwart escape attempts, keep them happy enough to prevent riots, and make sure they survive their stay.

However, five months after the game's official release, gamers have discovered a secret mode that puts the entire game in 3D.

Women's prisons introduced in Update 2 for Prison Architect

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Introversion has announced the second update for their jail simulator, Prison Architect, and this one adds something that fundamentally changes the game and adds a whole new challenge: women's prison.

Prison Architect developer will utilise VR in its next project

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Introversion Software, creator of the just released and entirely addictive Prison Architect, has its sights set on using new technology for its next project, whatever that might be

Speaking on the PC Gamer show, co-founder Mark Morris revealed that the team is determined to make their next game playable with VR hardware, although it probably won't be VR-only as that tech is still "too bleeding edge,".

New features announced for Prison Achitect at EGX

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Introversion Software revealed some of the features that will be included in the release version of Prison Architect at a panel at EGX.

Prison Architect will launch in full this October

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Introversion's Prison Architect has been in the works for around three years, but it's finally passed its parole hearing, and will be released in full this October.

As you might have gathered from that fairly self-explanatory title, the game has you create and manage a maximum security prison, and attempt to keep its staff, inmates and owners relatively happy.

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