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Prison Architect developer will utilise VR in its next project

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Introversion Software, creator of the just released and entirely addictive Prison Architect, has its sights set on using new technology for its next project, whatever that might be

Speaking on the PC Gamer show, co-founder Mark Morris revealed that the team is determined to make their next game playable with VR hardware, although it probably won't be VR-only as that tech is still "too bleeding edge,".

New features announced for Prison Achitect at EGX

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Introversion Software revealed some of the features that will be included in the release version of Prison Architect at a panel at EGX.

Prison Architect will launch in full this October

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Introversion's Prison Architect has been in the works for around three years, but it's finally passed its parole hearing, and will be released in full this October.

As you might have gathered from that fairly self-explanatory title, the game has you create and manage a maximum security prison, and attempt to keep its staff, inmates and owners relatively happy.

Prison Architect releasing this October, latest Alpha 35 introduces 'protection rackets' and gang warfare

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Introversion Software has just announced that Prison Architect will be up for parole from the developer this October, finally letting the prison simulator walk the means streets of full release and breathe in that sweet post-launch air.

The latest Alpha 35 video also highlights the continued tweaks to the newly introduced gangs system. Lieutenants give marching orders to soldiers, and gangs will extort 'protection fees' out of non-affiliated prisoners.

Prison Architect Alpha 34 now available, gang members now supported

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A long sought after feature for Prison Architect has finally made the cut as Introversion introduces "part 1 of a larger feature" with Gangs. Incoming prisoners now have a chance at belonging to an organised gang.

They'll be tattooed and are usually among the dangerous / higher security prisoners. These gang members will aid each other in fights, are more likely to carry weapons, won't enter reform programs and won't work.

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