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Prison Architect Alpha 28 released with video, features 'moving toilet' scripting

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The latest alpha release for Introversion Software's Prison Architect has gone live, taking the early access sim to Alpha 28. A new video is up highlighting the latest changes to UI and mod scripting.

There's been some UI streamlining though there's much more to do, and the game's script has been altered to help modders cut down on unseemly messes in their code, thanks to moving toilets.

Introversion bring Prison Architect to Alpha 27, no more 'quantum tunnelling' food

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Another excellent Alpha video update from Introversion Software as Prison Architect inches forward to Alpha 27. There are some big changes on the menu.

By 'menu' I'm actually referring to the game's handling of kitchens which, from the last alpha, used 'quantum tunnelling' to help get food around the prison - that 'cheat' was very quickly exploited.

Prison Architect Alpha 25 adds 'wildcard reputations' to shatter the peace

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Introversion have decided to rock the apple cart with the latest alpha release for Prison Architect, as they have seen too many players manage to find a perfectly balanced prison. Well, not anymore.

To combat this prudent Wardenship, prisoners are now able to come with reputations. These can throw a spanner in the works, and even mean we'll deal with 'legendary' criminals.

Introversion talk bug-squashing in latest Prison Architect alpha video

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Okay, so normally developers sum up the changes included in a patch with a few scant words and a lengthy forum post.

Not so for Prison Architect creators Introversion Software, who've put together a thirteen minute video talking users through the finer details of their latest alpha update, which mainly involves squishing as many bugs as possible.

Introversion's Alpha 21 for Prison Architect adds narcotics, reform and surrender

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It's a snort-tastic update for Prison Architect as lines of what one can only assume to be baby powder are disappearing up the virtual noses of our convicts. Introversion's Alpha 21 introduces narcotics to the yard.

There's also two new reform programs for drug addiction and alcoholism, and regimes are now split between types of prisoners. Surrender is also a possibility when facing lethal force.

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