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Red Faction: Guerrilla Summary


Red Faction: Guerrilla Review

Volition’s latest Red Faction finally arrives on PC and brings its clout of mayhem and storms of Martian dust. (PC)

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Nordic moves Red Faction: Guerilla over to Steamworks‏

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Nordic Games has finally removed Games for Windows Live support from Red Faction: Guerrilla, moving the open world third-person shooter's online support over to Steamworks.

That means full Steam Support, including multiplayer and matchmaking, Steam Achievements, voice chat options and leaderboards, as well as fully migrated save games.

Nordic Games to release collections for Darksiders and Red Faction

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Both Darksiders and Red Faction are to receive their own 'Collection' editions where the entire series is bundled. Nordic Games bought the rights to the IPs from THQ, and these packs are to 'gauge the fans'.

The Darksiders Collection and the Red Faction Collection will be releasing PC and PS3, with only Darksiders also hitting Xbox 360. There is no set date for either pack yet.

List compiled of Games for Windows Live titles stripping client, others uncertain

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While Microsoft's Games for Windows Live client is in its death rows there are many futures left uncertain, like all those GFWL infested games still out there. What becomes of them once the beast is slain?

A list has been compiled by Joystiq on what's happening with various titles by publishers and studios. The future is bright for some, not so blinding for others.

Volition: "Literally impossible" to apply Geomod 2.0 tech to Saints Row engine

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Why can't we go blasting through buildings in Saints Row? Developer Volition Inc. did create the Geomod tech to let us roam round as a wrecking ball on Mars in Red Faction after all. The problem is 'density'.

Senior producer Jim Boone says they've "talked about it so many times" at the studio, trying to somehow get Geomod into Saints Row, but it proves a technical 'impossibility' for this gen at least.

THQ unveil cast for Red Faction: Origins, stars a former T-1000

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The upcoming SyFy and THQ movie Red Faction: Origins bridges events between Guerrilla and this year's Armageddon. Now we know who'll star in it.

Robert Patrick, the iconic liquid T from Terminator 2, will be taking the role of Guerrilla's Alec Mason 25 years after the game. Brian J. Smith is his son, Jake.

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