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Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm Review

Rising Storm from Tripwire Interactive takes Red Orchestra's bullet ridden battlefields to the far-east as we wage war on a new front.

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Tripwire adds hefty new Armored Assault content update to Rising Storm for free

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Tripwire Interactive has added another beefy content patch to its WW2 multiplayer shooter Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm, adding new maps, vehicles and weapons. Best of all, it's free.

The Armored Assault pack is out now, and the additional content applies to both Rising Storm and core Red Orchestra 2. To celebrate its release, Rising Storm is currently available for 75% off on Steam.

Red Orchestra 2 "free to keep forever" on Steam in next 24 hours

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World War Two shooter Red Orchestra 2 is going to go entirely free later today and will remain so for 24 hours. Should you grab the game during that time then it'll remain yours forever at no charge - for reals.

They'll also be rolling into a "free weekend for Rising Storm" starting Friday, with a discount on offer. Tripwire is hoping to entice us with a free first fix with Red Orchestra 2.

Rising Storm in stores June 21st in UK

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Tripwire Interactive's Rising Storm will be releasing in stores next week in the UK, as well as in Greece and South Africa. Australia's boxed launch is yet to be confirmed by Lace Mamba. It includes bonus content.

Priced at around £19.99, the boxed version includes Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad single-player missions as DLC. Rising Storm takes the action to the Pacific Theatre with 6 multiplayer maps.

Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm launches on 30th May

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Tripwire Interactive has announced today that Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm will launch exclusively for the PC on 30th May via Steam.

If you pre-order today you'll receive a 15% discount, but you'll have to be quick because the discount won't be valid once the game launches tomorrow.

Red Orchestra's Rising Storm beta key giveaway

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Tripwire Interactive has been kind enough to drown us in beta keys for the upcoming standalone expansion of Rising Storm, which is a 'total conversion mod' for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.

It's co-developed by Tripwire and the community, which takes the game into the Pacific theatre with four factions to choose from. It's first-come, first-served so have at it!

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