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Renegade-X open beta begins for multiplayer

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The Command & Conquer: Renegade inspired project known as Renegade-X has just entered open beta for its multiplayer component, having already released its single-player campaign. Protect the harvester!

Command and Conquer mode is the traditional base assault and defence gameplay from the Westwood original, in all its shooter glory. Zerg rush? Pfft. Flame tanks more like.

Renegade X appeals to "lost generation" of gamers, strong C&C community

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Renegade X is the resurrection, Tiberium mutation and celebration of the original Command & Conquer: Renegade, and it's scheduled to release entirely free in February 2014. GDI and Nod never looked so good.

We chatted with Totem Arts founder Bilal Bakri and Lead Artist Robin Wilson about the Renegade X project, which began as an Unreal Engine 3 mod. It's 'calling home' to a lost generation.

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