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Capcom looking for "honest and frank" feedback regarding Resident Evil 2 remake

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With the Resident Evil Remake recently popping back up in shiny new HD format, and mod team Invader Games doing a fantastic job with fan project Resident Evil 2: Reborn (video below), it's not surprising that Capcom's weighing up its options concerning an official remake of that classic second entry in the long-running survival horror franchise.

In fact, the company's research team has taken to Facebook to ask fans their "honest and frank opinion" about the possibility of remaking Resident Evil 2.

This Resident Evil 2 fan remaster is very impressive

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Eventually Capcom might get around to remastering the peerless survival horror of Resident Evil 2, but until that happens we've got the fine work of modder Rod Lima to look forward to.

Lima's work is pretty impressive; he's taken models and model animations from Capcom's original game and updated them using Epic’s free Unreal 3 Development Kit.

Capcom offer fans chance to be featured in upcoming game

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Want people to see your mug in a Capcom title? The studio is offering fans the chance to do just that by reciting your favourite Resident Evil moments. Capcom are accepting entries until April 14th.

They are taking nostalgia submissions through the Resident Evil Facebook page, tweets with tag #REmemory, or by linking them YouTube videos. It's unclear if it would be a Resident Evil title.

Capcom: Resident Evil 2 remake will happen with fan support

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There is no remake of Resident Evil 2, which was originally released on PC, in the works, but that could change if fans demand it.

Resi Evil promo celebrates 15 years

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Capcom has published a promotion trailer for Resident Evil's upcoming catalogue of new instalments, but also gets nostalgic with past undead glories.

Having kicked off in 1996, Resident Evil is now 15-years old. Revelations, The Mercenaries 3D and HD remakes of RE4 and Code Veronica X are coming.

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