Resident Evil 7 Latest News

Welcome Home Says The Voice Of This New Resident Evil 7 Trailer

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With just over a week to go until launch, we're still no closer to understanding the mystery that is Resident Evil 7. Does this final trailer help? Not so much.

The Scariest Part Of Resident Evil 7 Could Be The Mystery Of Your Missing Head

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You might question why playing the new Resident Evil 7 demo in third-person is even at all necessary, but, much like any ridiculous mod, it's all for science. Sort of.

Be Welcomed Into The Baker Family With The Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour PC Demo

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Showing hope that Capcom know what they're doing this time around, Resident Evil 7's 'Beginning Hour' demo is now on Steam - and the fans seem to really like it.

Estimated Files Sizes And A New TV Spot Launches For Resident Evil 7

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Adamant on ensuring they're going back to the series' roots, Capcom is still ushering out more footage for Resident Evil 7 prior to its release later next month.

Capcom Releases Three Short Gameplay Videos Of Resident Evil 7

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Keeping us going with consistent footage - and more from the demo - Capcom has issued three more harrowing gameplay videos of Resident Evil 7 to show us what life inside the Baker family home is all about.

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