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Resident Evil 7 Latest News

Resident Evil 7's 3 Million Copies Goal Bumps Lifetime Franchise Sales To 76 Million

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After just two weeks on sale, Resident Evil 7 has managed to shift 3 million copies worldwide.

PC Players Won't Have To Wait Too Long For The 'Banned Footage' Resident Evil 7 Add-Ons

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All wrapped up with Resident Evil 7? With its numerous difficulty modes and unlockable extras, there's already a decent amount of game for you to play. But if you're really ready for the next segment, you won't have to wait too long.

HDR And Game Saves Are The Focus Of Resident Evil 7's First Tiny Patch

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If you fired up Steam this morning to get some Resident Evil 7 in before the sun goes down, you probably noticed a stealth update forcing its way down your internet tubes.

Resident Evil 7 - Post-Game Unlocks And Where To Find Them

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In true Resident Evil fashion, the end of the game isn't really the end of the game. While there wouldn't usually be more stories to tell - something we get with DLC now - there's always a reason to run back into the heat of things and die all over again.

Resident Evil 7 Release Times on PC - 4am GMT

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Dying to get your hands on Capcom's latest addition to the Resident Evil franchise? Here's when and where you can pick up Resident Evil 7.

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