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Risen 3: Titan Lords Summary


Risen 3: Titan Lords Review

It's totally a pirate game..

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PC version of Risen 3: Titan Lords to get free 64-bit patch with improved visuals

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Risen 3: Titan Lords will receive a free patch that will bring "a slew of visual enhancements" to players running the game on 64-bit operating systems, Deep Silver has announced.

The announcement comes at the same time as a remastered version of the fantasy RPG hits the PS4. Like the next-gen console edition, the 64-bit patch will add improved texture resolution, draw distance, a smoother frame-rate, and visual effects like bloom and HDR.

Piranha Bytes announce open world RPG ELEX, "post-apocalyptic science fantasy" to attend Gamescom

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Gothic series creator Piranha Bytes have teamed with Nordic Games as they work on a new open world RPG called ELEX. It's a post-apocalyptic universe with a science fantasy setting, and it will be in attendance at Gamescom.

The developer enjoys "ample creative freedom" with the new IP, which they describe as a "handcrafted" RPG with "deep moral choices and powerful action." It's in development for PC and consoles.

CGI trailer for Risen 3: Titan Lords

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Piranha Bytes' Risen 3: Titan Lords is due this August and publisher Deep Silver has just posted a new CGI trailer for the RPG. Risen 3 returns to the medieval setting of the original instead of continuing with piracy.

The trailer is all pre-rendered and doesn't offer any gameplay. It shows a warrior fighting off a creatue of darkness, and a powerful skull-wearing mage of some sort.

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