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Rocket League Latest News

Rocket League Patch Notes - 1.27

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Rocket League was something of a surprise hit. The basic idea of boost-enabled vehicles, two sides and a ball propelled itself to the top of the Steam charts - and just about every machine it arrived on in the future - the moment it was released.

Rocket League Pro Tips - 5 Pointers To Play At Your Best

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If you can't make a living kicking a ball around a field, why not make one bashing it around in a rocket-propelled bat-mobile in Rocket League?

Rocket League's Elusive Champion Crates - The Do's And Don'ts Of Farming

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Another months, another loot crate. Rocket League isn't the only game to use these micro-transaction monsters, but they're one the first to have a major farming problem.

Rocket League's Player-Made Maps Arrive Through Steam Workshop Support Next Month

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With news arriving just a few days ago of Rocket League's impending community trick-shot builder, the December update is getting another piece of similar functionality with official Steam Workshop support.

Rocket League To Introduce Player-Submitted Training Regimes In Its Next Update

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If you've played much Rocket League over the months, you've likely come to realise how difficult it can be to climb the ranks without a solid grasp of the game's short-burst flight mechanics. But following the example of user created training tools, Psyonix are looking to implement fan-made training regimes for players to share online.

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