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Rust creator Garry Newman defends Notch's decision to sell Minecraft

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Minecraft creator 'Notch' Persson has been getting a bit of flak from some quarters for his decision to sell the franchise to Microsoft for $2 billion, with some critics accusing him of "selling out" and going back on his perceived anti-corporation stance.

Rust and Garry's Mod creator Garry Newman, himself no stranger to indie success, has weighed in on Notch's side, arguing that no-one else would have done any different.

Rust studio announces new arcade shooter Riftlight

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Adam Woolridge of Rust developer Facepunch Studios has announced the team's next title, Riftlight. It's an arcade shooter with "other light-RPG stuff like character levels, abilities and talent trees".

Woolridge has apparently been working on the concept behind the game for some time, and says he wants it to be "colourful and different".

4,621 Rust players "detected and banned" by CheatPunch, "a stop gap solution"

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Developer Facepunch Studios has unveiled 'CheatPunch', their own creation to detect dirty little cheaters playing Rust unscrupulously. Over the weekend they "detected and banned" over 4,600 players.

There's no appeal process - at least not directly - and Facepunch are working on a site to show evidence for bans. The team call this "a stop gap solution."

Facepunch "couldn't hold off any longer" as Rust update removes zombies

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It's done. No more zombies in Rust, so no more 'DayZ clone' naysayers. Developer Facepunch says they "couldn’t hold off any longer" and hit delete on the undead, which weren't a real enemy anyway.

Their inclusion was "just plugging a gap" but they realised the longer they stayed, the bigger the complaints later. Instead, "red bears and wolves" will plague us.

Rust creators "knocked on our arses by sales," to remove zombies

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The zombie player survival game Rust is selling like mega hotcakes for its creator Facepunch, reveals Garry Newman. Their intended 'low-key' release has knocked them onto their rears thanks to the sales figures.

They're working with GSP to get more servers up and running for Rust, and to combat DDOS attacks. Zombies are on the way out, as Rust is more player vs. player shenanigans.

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