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Satellite Reign is coming to Early Access this December‏

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We've had a hefty dollop of cyberpunk already this year with titles like Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall, but Satellite Reign promises a slightly different take on the familiar blend of dingy streets, neon lights and faceless megacorps.

Coming to Steam Early Access this December, in essence it's a "spiritual successor" to classic strategy game Syndicate Wars in which you control a team of four agents out to conquer and control a futuristic city. By any means necessary.

Satellite Reign developer diary discusses game code, traffic jams

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The spiritual-Syndicate-successor Satellite Reign is well underway and this latest "text heavy" developer diary focuses on the game's code, and they revealed they've got a "few major systems" up and running.

They discuss the first pass on weaponry, the AI 'state' system made up of "lots of smaller building blocks", the event system determining behaviour, and even traffic jams.

First Pre Alpha Build Footage for Satellite Reign Revealed

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5Lives Studios are ready to show us some pre alpha footage for Satellite Reign, which has just over a minutes worth of gameplay footage in 1080p.

The team want to stress that this is only a pre alpha version being shown, nothing in this video is final.

5 Lives "wrapping up" pre-production on Satellite Reign, receive Oculus Rift kits

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Real-time, class-based strategy Satellite Reign from 5 Lives Studios is now "wrapping up" its pre-production phase, reveals the latest dev diary, with the "very basics" of the game functioning.

They tease more concept artworks, and reveal that Oculus Rift dev kits are now cluttering up their desks. Also, a certain someone is responsible for the LEGO Ghostbusters set.

New Satellite Reign dev diary, $755k stretch goal adds new factions

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5 Lives Studios has just blogged their fourth developer diary for Satellite Reign where they reveal the much sought after $755k stretch goal has been raided by Agents, meaning even more corporate oppression.

That same stretch goal also means two new city districts to fight through and Russel Zimmerman is brought on board to flesh out the game's story. 5 Lives want backer feedback on two corporations.

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