Satellite Reign

A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
EU & US Release date: TBA 2015

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5 Lives reaches "internal alpha milestone" with Satellite Reign, moves to Unity 5 engine

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The Syndicate spiritual successor Satellite Reign from 5 Lives Studios has reached an "internal alpha milestone" that means they're feature complete. They've just launched Alpha 0.6 adding The Grid as a new district.

The game has also transitioned from Unity 4 to 5, as it had features that "ended up being essential" to development. This new Alpha is Windows and Steam only for now, and old save games won't work.

Syndicate spiritual successor Satellite Reign doubles in size with latest Steam update

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Satellite Reign, the Kickstarted spiritual successor to classic Bullfrog title Syndicate, has just released a big update on Steam Early Access that doubles the size of the playable world.

Real-time strategy Satellite Reign coming to Early Access today

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The Syndicate 'spiritual successor' and outright fan love poem that is Satellite Reign from developer 5 Lives Studios is unleashing mayhem on the dystopic city streets today as it launches on Steam Early Access.

It's a real-time and class-based strategy just like the original Syndicate, where four agents take on the mega corporate forces that control the world in a "simulated, living cyberpunk city."

Satellite Reign is coming to Early Access this December‏

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We've had a hefty dollop of cyberpunk already this year with titles like Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall, but Satellite Reign promises a slightly different take on the familiar blend of dingy streets, neon lights and faceless megacorps.

Coming to Steam Early Access this December, in essence it's a "spiritual successor" to classic strategy game Syndicate Wars in which you control a team of four agents out to conquer and control a futuristic city. By any means necessary.

Satellite Reign developer diary discusses game code, traffic jams

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The spiritual-Syndicate-successor Satellite Reign is well underway and this latest "text heavy" developer diary focuses on the game's code, and they revealed they've got a "few major systems" up and running.

They discuss the first pass on weaponry, the AI 'state' system made up of "lots of smaller building blocks", the event system determining behaviour, and even traffic jams.

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