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Shadow Warrior and Rise of the Triad crash each other's party

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Shadow Warrior receives a Rise of the Triad crossover, while Rise of the Triad gets a Shadow Warrior crossover. It's crossover craziness.

Shadow's protagonist Lo Wang makes his way into Triad's multiplayer mode, while Triad's survival mode crosses back the other way.

Viscera Cleanup Detail and Shadow Warrior combined to make messy baby

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Viscera Cleanup Detail is an indie game just approved on Steam Greenlight where the player takes on the role of a janitor cleaning up after a messy alien invasion, picking up alien guts and putting them in the trash, and so on.

So, what happens when you mix it up with shooter Shadow Warrior, about a sword wielding modern ninja?

Dildo bat to make an appearance in Shadow Warrior

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Devolver Digital and Deep Silver have announced that developer Flying Wild Hog's remake of Shadow Warrior will feature the Penetrator from Saints Row 4. Yes, gamers will be able to wield the deadly giant purple dildo in first person in it, as an alternative to the katana.

Devolver Digital shows off Wangtastic features of Shadow Warrior

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Devolver Digital has released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming reboot Shadow Warrior, showing off some of the fantastic new next-gen features like advanced fish physics, rabbit humping, real-time tree swaying and fireworks. Who doesn't love fireworks?

Shadow Warrior hitting PC on the 26th September

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Devolver Digital has announced that the reboot of the 1997 ninja FPS Shadow Warrior will be arriving on the 26th September. It'll be released on the usual digital distribution sites including Steam,, Humble Store, and Get Games.

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