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"Waiter, I’ve got cyberpunk in my isometric fantasy RPG!" "Try it sir, you might like it."

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Harebrained Schemes teases another Shadowrun Kickstarter campaign for January 2015

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It looks like Harebrained Schemes is planning to return to Kickstarter for another round of crowd-funding next year. Hard to argue with that decision, considering they made over $1.8 million the last time.

In fact fans of the excellent cyberpunk RPG Shadowrun Returns will be excited to see that, judging by a teaser image released yesterday, we'll be hitting the streets in our finest leather trenchcoats and sunglasses once more.

Job listing spotted for Harebrained Schemes' next Shadowrun Returns campaign‏

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Harebrained Schemes has already treated us to two hugely enjoyable campaigns for cyberpunk RPG Shadowrun Returns, and there might just be another on the way.

PC Gamer has spotted a job listing for a lead artist on the developer's website, looking for someone to "plan and execute a riveting new story in the Shadowrun Universe."

Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's Cut features outlined in developer post

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The original release of Shadowrun: Dragonfall was essentially a much improved version of the very good but occasionally clunky Shadowrun Returns, so I was pretty interested in what the Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut would add when developer Harebrained Schemes announced it a while back.

An improvement of an improvement - how does that work then? Well, Harebrained has a new blog page over on the Shadowrun Kickstarter which explains exactly what they've been up to.

Director's Cut of Shadowrun: Dragonfall coming September 18

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Harebrained Schemes has revealed the release date for its upcoming Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's Cut. It's out on September 18 and brings new missions, music, combat improvements and more.

As Harebrained has previously confirmed, you won't have to fork out for the new edition if you already own the game, or were a Kickstarter backer of the initial Shadowrun project.

Director's Cut of Shadowrun: Dragonfall coming this September

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Interesting news for fans of Harebrained Schemes' rather good Kickstarter RPG Shadowrun Returns - the game's Dragonfall expansion will receive an upgraded Director's Cut edition later this year, with a bunch of newly added content.

The best news? If you already own the expansion, or backed the Kickstarter campaign for the core game, you'll get the new version for free.

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