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Shadowrun: Hong Kong achieves Expanded Magic stretch goal at $550k

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Harebrained Schemes' Kickstarter campaign for Shadowrun: Hong Kong continues its pledge drive with just under a month still left to burn, and today they've pushed through $550k for Enhanced Magic.

This means the team will be expanding the current magic system in Shadowrun to spice up the options for magic-users, like Shrine Spirits for Shamans, and Foci - enchanted weaponry for others.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong now over $400k in pledges, new runner unlocked

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The pledges just keep rolling in for Harebrained Schemes' Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter, with funding now past 400% their needed goal. It's floating around $427k right now, unlocking a new runner.

Gaichu is now able to join our party of Shadowrunners in Hong Kong; a former Red Samurai. The stretch goals are being vanquished one-by-one, and there's still over a month left on the clock!

Harebrained Schemes' new cyberpunk RPG Shadowrun: Hong Kong already funded on Kickstarter

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Harebrained Schemes has set up a new Kickstarter campaign for Shadowrun: Hong Kong, an all new, full length standalone title that will build upon the foundations of the previous games to tell a new story, with new characters and a new location.

I'm trying to be very professional about this, but I love Shadowrun, and I loved Harebrained's two previous Shadowrun RPGs, so I'm pretty excited to see the developer return for a third entry.

Harebrained Schemes teases another Shadowrun Kickstarter campaign for January 2015

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It looks like Harebrained Schemes is planning to return to Kickstarter for another round of crowd-funding next year. Hard to argue with that decision, considering they made over $1.8 million the last time.

In fact fans of the excellent cyberpunk RPG Shadowrun Returns will be excited to see that, judging by a teaser image released yesterday, we'll be hitting the streets in our finest leather trenchcoats and sunglasses once more.

Job listing spotted for Harebrained Schemes' next Shadowrun Returns campaign‏

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Harebrained Schemes has already treated us to two hugely enjoyable campaigns for cyberpunk RPG Shadowrun Returns, and there might just be another on the way.

PC Gamer has spotted a job listing for a lead artist on the developer's website, looking for someone to "plan and execute a riveting new story in the Shadowrun Universe."

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