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The dust has settled on the servers - how does the game match up?

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SimCity 2000 is free via Origin's 'On the House' programme

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Why not take a trip way back down memory lane, a simpler time when mentioning the title 'SimCity' didn't cause everybody in the vicinity to shake their heads and scowl.

EA is offering the classic city management game SimCity 2000: Special Edition for free on Origin, as part of its ongoing On the House initiative.

EA offer free trial for SimCity on Origin

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Ah, SimCity. Once you were the king of city-building simulators, beloved by all. Now you're basically the slightly wonky-looking kid at the party that nobody wants to dance with.

Perhaps recognising that even with an added offline mode (that should have been there from the start) most people aren't willing to forget the ridiculous mess that was SimCity's launch, EA is offering a free trial of the game.

EA to unveil "at least six new projects" at E3 2014, Star Wars: Battlefront confirmed

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In their latest earnings call, EA has teased they've got "at least six new projects" in development and they'll be unveiling details at this year's E3. A "major new game" due in Q3 2014 will be shown.

They mention it's powered by Frostbite 3 so it's very likely Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is due around then. EA also mentioned Battlefront is progressing "very, very well."

Maxis hiring for "new AAA PC game," part of studio's "strategy for growth"

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SimCity developer Maxis is looking for a new Director of Product Development or Senior Development Director, as the studio gears up for a "new AAA PC game!" They want experience with "AAA and/or mobile game franchises."

The good news is that Maxis is developing a PC exclusive, and it's a 'big project', but what does this mean for SimCity? Are they committing to a sequel or another IP?

Maxis post quick tutorial for SimCity's offline Single-Player Mode

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A quick 1 minute 16 second video has been released by Maxis that explains the simplicity of swithcing between the traditional online multiplayer of SimCity, to the new offline Single-Player Mode hotness.

A SimCity producer details the advantages of single-player, like multiple saves. Switching between the two modes just takes a button press. "It's that simple," they declare.

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