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MMO Skyforge in open beta this summer, new cinematic trailer released

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Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment's MMORPG Skyforge has just received a new cinematic trailer to mark the open beta that begins this summer, in both North America and Europe.

Ever fancied yourself a living god with an army of sycophants to do your bidding? In Skyforge you do just that, while trying to expand your divine reach. We can change character class at any time.

Become a god and get your own Order in MMO Skyforge

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In MMO Skyforge you can become a god. And what do all respectable gods need? A bowing and scraping band of worshipers, that's what.

In this new developer diary from Group`s Allods Team (is that the least catchy studio name ever?) and Obsidian, creative directors Alexander Mishulin and Eric DeMilt discuss these followers, known as the 'Orders of Aelion'. announces beta schedule for World Of Speed, Skyforge and Armored Warfare

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Who fancies a bunch of closed beta dates? Anybody? has confirmed the schedule for three of its upcoming betas - World Of Speed, Skyforge and Armored Warfare.

The first two will start inviting players in later this year, while Armored Warfare will kick off its own closed beta in the first quarter of 2015.

New trailer for MMO Skyforge released at E3 2014

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Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment, the two development studios behind upcoming MMO Skyforge, have released a new trailer for the game, showing off the 'Ascension Atlas' character progression system.

Obsidian developing tank MMO Armored Warfare, assisting sci-fi MMO Skyforge

article image, a subsidiary of Russia-based Group, has announced that RPG developer Obsidian Entertainment is developing a tactical tank MMO called Armored Warfare, featuring armour and military bases.

Obsidian is also assisting the Allods Team with sci-fi MMO Skyforge as they westernise it. We start as immortals, then become champions until finally godhood calls.

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