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Who's better, Zeus or Hercules? Only one way to find out...

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The Morrigan Brings Phantoms, God-Like Clones And Explosive Confusion To SMITE

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It's been a busy few weeks for Hi-Res Studios. Announcing a new game at their own public showcase, to releasing another for testing; the group isn't letting up, and they've just thrown a new hat into the SMITE ring with 'The Morrigan: The Phantom Queen'

SMITE Rivals Announced As The First Mobile Entry For The MOBA Franchise

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Looking to expand their horizons more than they already have, Hi-Rez Studios is bringing its SMITE universe to mobile devices in multiple ways this year.

Hi-Rez Announces Smite: Tactics - A Turn-based Strategy With A Twist

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Pressing forward with their plans to get in on just about every popular genre of the gaming industry, Hi-Rez Games used their latest Smite stream to announce a spin-off of its own MoBA title with Smite Tactics; a turn-based strategy title that uses - you guessed it - cards.

SMITE's Ultimate God Pack goes on sale tomorrow

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Hi-Rez Studios has offered the "Ultimate God Pack" for their MOBA SMITE for awhile now, which is easily one of the best deals players can get on content in a MOBA game, but tomorrow the pack will be going on sale on Amazon, giving even more savings to players who have interest in getting all that SMITE has to offer.

Hi-Rez felt guilty about abandoning Tribes: Ascend

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It might not have been the biggest news of the year, but Hi-Rez Studios return to Tribes: Ascend after over two years in hiatus was certainly one of the most surprising. A new patch is currently up on the game's Public Test Server, and is expected to roll out in full at some point soon.

As it turns out, Hi-Rez did feel a bit guilty about abandoning the multiplayer shooter in favour of working on its third-person MOBA Smite.

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