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Shooting someone from miles away with absolutely no risk of physical harm to yourself. Is Sniper Elite 3 Nick Horth's ideal game?

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Sniper Elite 3 gets free singleplayer shooting range DLC‏

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Think you're a good sniper? Well, you can test out your marksmanship skills in an upcoming singleplayer mode for Sniper Elite 3, the Shooting Range.

The Shooting Range offers four sharpshooter challenges and new achievements for every weapon in the game, from rifles to SMGs and pistols.

Three new pieces of Sniper Elite 3 DLC released on Steam, including Save Churchill finale

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Three new pieces of DLC for Sniper Elite 3 have emerged on Steam, including Save Churchill: Confrontation, the final entry in the three-part series.

Also available are a couple of multiplayer goodies - a free map, Night Watch, and the return of Capture the Flag mode.

Enter the Belly of the Beast in Sniper Elite 3 DLC

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Rebellion has released the second episode of its Sniper Elite 3 DLC campaign, Save Churchill Part 2: Belly of the Beast. Unlike the last episode, this one is set in an entirely new level.

You're off to the mountains of Morocco, where the Nazis have a hidden facility for creating experimental weapons and interrogating high-profile Allied prisoners.

New weapon pack DLC and a free multiplayer map coming to Sniper Elite 3

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Sniper Elite 3 continues to receive DLC after DLC, the latest being the Eastern Weapons Pack. As you've probably guessed, this one bundles up one Polish and two Russian weapons for you to use while wandering around shooting people in the liver from long-range.

Specifically you'll net; the Tokarev pistol, the Mosin Nagant sniper rifle and the Blyskawica SMG. I've not even heard of that last one.

Rebellion releases free Lost Valley multiplayer map for Sniper Elite 3

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Rebellion has released the second free multiplayer map for Sniper Elite 3 via Steam. 'Lost Valley' takes place in a lush desert oasis, soon to be spattered with the squishy inside bits of several unfortunate marksmen.

It's the second of four free planned maps for the sniping shooter, and the developers promise multiple routes, terrain verticality and lots more foliage to use as cover than other SE3 maps.

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