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Frictional discusses creating a different type of horror for their latest project SOMA

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Frictional Games maintains that its upcoming horror game SOMA is "just as scary, if not even more so" than its predecessor Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but it's going to try and fray your nerves in a slightly different way.

In Amnesia: The Dark Descent, there's constant oppression that starts from the get go, peaks somewhere half-way through, and then continues until the end. What you get is a game that's very nerve-wracking, but which also becomes numbing after while. It's pretty common for players to feel the game loses much of its impact halfway through. SOMA is laid out a bit differently. At first it relies more on a mysterious and creepy tone, slowly ramps up the scariness, and peaks pretty late in the game.

Pre-orders open for Frictional's latest horror game SOMA, dev diary video details sound design

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A big part of every successful horror game is the sound design, so it's not surprising to see that Frictional Games has been working hard to get its upcoming underwater chiller SOMA sounding just right.

Lots of reverb, lots of ominous honking, it's set to be just as tense and foreboding as Frictional's previous game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Here's a new plot synopsis for SOMA:

Friction Games' upcoming horror game SOMA is almost content complete

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Frictional Games' underwater horror SOMA has one week of content development left before it enters a 'Content Lock' stage, during which the team will focus on bug-squashing and polishing in the run up to its September 22 release.

"Having this kind of lock is vital as things that might seem really simple additions could have ramifications that cause all sort of unforeseen consequences," explains the developer. "In the final weeks leading up to release, you want to make sure that you only fix issues and not cause new ones."

Frictional releases underwater horror SOMA's E3 2015 gameplay trailer

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Frictional Games, the team behind cult scare-fest Amnesia: The Dark Descent, has released the brief snippet of gameplay footage from underwater horror SOMA that it showed off at E3 earlier this month.

"This showcases the player's first encounter with a type of creature that roams this part of the game," the team writes on its blog, "and gives some hints on how to best deal with them. This clip is a bit shorter than we wanted it to be and therefore misses some build-up and is a bit hurried. But one minute was all we were allowed for the show. Still, hope you all liked it!"

Amnesia: The Dark Descent team's next horror game Soma is coming this September

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Frictional Games, the team behind gloomy scare-fest Amnesia: The Dark Descent, has another portion of pant-wetting horror headed your way this year – September 22 to be exact.

In fact, Soma will probably be even worse, because it's set underwater; the only thing worse than being trapped in an abandoned castle with an unspeakable abomination is of course being trapped underwater with ALL the unspeakable abominations.

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