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Space Engineers creator announces Medieval Engineers

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Keen Software House has just announced the 'Engineers' series is expanding to medieval times, as work continues on Space Engineers alongside ye olde cities and castles in Medieval Engineers.

The team want to stick to the technology of the age, as well as the "laws of physics" that says 'no, you can't have a floating moat of lava!' This is the studio's second engineering and construction project.

Space Engineers is free on Steam this weekend

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Sandbox space station builder Space Engineers is going free on Steam this weekend. If you're someone who loves building cool things and doesn't mind spending hours and hours collecting bits and pieces to jam together, this might be a good time to check the Early Access title out.

I don't pretend to understand the intricacies of it, but I do respect any game in which you can create something like this terrifying, gravity-accelerating battering ram weapon.

Youtubers Yogscast to receive a cut from Space Engineers sales in return for video series

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Youtube channel Yogscast, which has over 7 million subscribers, has announced a partnership with Space Engineers developer Keen Software.

In return for a creating a series of videos and branded items for the game, Yogscast will receive "a small share" of its sales revenue. You might think that sounds a tad like being paid for advertising, but a press release on behalf of Yogscast claims that "Keen Software will have no editorial influence on any content broadcast on Yogscast channels".

Space Engineers surpasses 500k sales on Steam Early Access

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Keen Software House's Space Engineers has sold over half a million copies of the space-based sandbox. The astral engineering and construction game achieved that milestone through Steam Early Access.

The indie attributes its success to Space Engineers use of "real world science, physics, and engineering" with just enough science fiction. It now supports multiplayer.

Space Engineers reaches Survival mode and multiplayer milestones

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The space faring tinkerers known as Space Engineers have just reached "two key-milestones" in the game's development, announces developer Keen Software House. The free ride is at an end with Survival mode.

It's time to fire up those ore smelters and stamp some bars as resource management is introduced, and player deaths mean a trip to the medical room or nearest Rescue Ship.

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