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Star Trek Online Review

Star Trek: Online has come out of warp and onto our PCs. Do you have what it takes, Captain? (PC).

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STO= Star Trek Online · by Swat842 ·

They should really put more mission's in this game an take the level Cap off so you can level up more an give at least one Free Retrain took to fix the Toon in the game is you accidently mess up on the Skill's for the Toon

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What can I say... · by jrb531 ·

8 out of 10 for this mess of an unfinished game!

I'm sorry but not only have you made every review you have even done or will do in question... this game is so loaded with bugs that you mention how many in your glowing review?

I wonder how many "paid for" ads from Cryptic will start appearing here in the future.

Form your own opinion on that!

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Star Trek online · by Castlefarm ·

Great start for an online game, it has a bit of everything and has great potential for expansions and additional content. I just wish the environment was a little more stable but I am sure that will come.

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