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Star Wars 1313 could still happen

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Star Wars 1313 was a game that promised a very interesting action-adventure experience centered around the fan-favorite character Boba Fett. In Disney's acquisition of LucasArts, Star Wars 1313's development stopped and the project was seemingly left behind. However, a new interview points out that 1313 has not been forgotten and is actually still quite possible.

Report: Visceral's unannounced Star Wars title 'like Uncharted and 1313' says actor Nolan North

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Amy Hennig, who helped create Naughty Dog's Uncharted series, is today over at Visceral Games working on a now-not-so-secret Star Wars title. What exactly it is and has us doing remains clouded by the Darkside of corporate marketing.

Actor Nolan North seems to have smuggled out some plans. He said at Metrocon 2015 that this new Star Wars is "in the style of Uncharted," clarifying that it's not a revival of Star Wars 1313.

New art surfaces from scrapped Star Wars 1313

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Star Wars 1313 was once a promising shooter concept, set in the grimiest areas of the Star Wars universe. Now, unfortunately, it's dead, and all we have left is a batch of concept art showing what might have been.

Star Wars 1313 trademark abandoned late December

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Lucasfilm has abandoned the once promising Star Wars 1313 project as ownership of the trademark was relinquished December 23rd, 2013. The trademark is now in the Sarlacc pit of the public domain.

LucasArts closed down last year following purchase by Disney who now controls Star Wars, and Star Wars 1313 was scrapped. It was to feature fan-favourite Boba Fett.

Report: EA Canada recruiting for "next gen open world" Star Wars game

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According to well-placed Bothan spies, EA Canada is recruiting for a "major new next gen open world action game," with the recruiter confirming it was for a Star Wars project. EA Canada is the third studio on the IP.

EA has confirmed DICE and Visceral working on Star Wars, however the position at EA Canada may in fact be joint as "multi-site development" experience is wanted.

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