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Lucasfilm decree future Star Wars video games 'will be canon'

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In case you were unaware, Lucasfilm has 'freed themselves' of the Star Wars Expanded Universe by declaring it not official canon to Star Wars. That's so they're free to explore the new trilogy in the works.

However it also means that every game up until this point is also outside the canon, but Lucasfilm have said every new title from this moment on will be considered official.

Writing romances is opening "Pandora's Box", says BioWare writer David Gaider

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Dragon Age: Inquisition lead writer David Gaider has discussed the topic of romance in BioWare's RPGs, and how some would be happy if they "just abandoned the effort altogether," but it's tricky.

There are those who enjoy BioWare's tales as much as they do because of romance options, but the team often feels the pressure and always ask 'should we bother?'

BioWare remembers KOTOR 10 years on, "couldn't sleep for two weeks"

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As Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic turns a decade old, BioWare key figures remember those very early days of securing the Star Wars license to make their dream RPG that would go on to critical acclaim.

Lukas Kristjanson, now senior writer for Dragon Age: Inquisition, remembers "one moment very clearly," where BioWare had gathered in a local theatre; his fellow devs descended into 'giddy kids'.

EA to discuss Disney partnership over Star Wars at E3

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EA's Frank Gibeau has confirmed that the publisher will be talking about their Star Wars plans during E3. DICE has recently setup a new studio in Los Angeles to tackle the licensing partnership.

They'll be showcasing Battlefield 4, Need for Speed, their EA Sports catalogue as well as a "first look at our plans" for the Star Wars universe. EA is releasing 11 major titles in fiscal 2014.

Jade Empire as an Xbox 360 launch title "would have been massive"

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Dr. Greg Zeschuk muses that if their original Xbox RPG Jade Empire had of been held back as a launch title for the Xbox 360, its impact would have been vastly greater. Instead it released when the cycle was winding down.

The BioWare co-founder says it "would've been great to put off a bit" and polish it some more. The studio also missed a trick when Mass Effect missed its launch title window.

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