Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords Summary

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Steam version of Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords gets big new update, adding 5K support and Workshop functionality

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Obsidian's flawed masterpiece Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords is coming to Mac, Linux and Steam OS, with a bunch of new features including 5K resolution support, Steam Achievements,Steam Cloud and controller support.

All this will be coming to the currently existing PC version as well, and there's some more cool news; Steam Workshop Support means that you'll get easy access to a bunch of user-generated content, including the Restored Content Mod, for free.

Plenty of classics on offer in the Star Wars Humble Bundle

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You can grab hold of a bumper package of great Star Wars games in the latest deal over on the Humble Bundle site, including classic hits from BioWare and Lucasarts.

Available right now are peerless RPG Knights of the Old Republic, the excellent Jedi Academy, classic shooter Dark Forces and more.

GameWatcher's Star Wars Marathon live streaming this Friday at 8.00pm GMT

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At the end of the week we'll be geeking out with our very own Star Wars Marathon for your viewing pleasure. Chris Capel will be feeling the Force... of your votes! Every good Imperial citizen and even Rebel scum are welcome at the polls.

Thanks to the recent launch of many Star Wars classics, a marathon is finally within our grasp. Will the Empire rule in Empire at War? Will Carth ever shut up in Knights of the Old Republic?

Obsidian really want to work on Knights of the Old Republic 3

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Obsidian have currently got their hands full with Pillars of Eternity, but they'd love to return to the Star Wars universe for Knight of the Old Republic 3.

They'd love it so much, in fact that according to producer Brandon Adler they talk about it "every three to six months."

Lucasfilm decree future Star Wars video games 'will be canon'

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In case you were unaware, Lucasfilm has 'freed themselves' of the Star Wars Expanded Universe by declaring it not official canon to Star Wars. That's so they're free to explore the new trilogy in the works.

However it also means that every game up until this point is also outside the canon, but Lucasfilm have said every new title from this moment on will be considered official.

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