Star Wars: Republic Commando Order 66 Summary

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"I deliberately do not play games," says Gears of War writer Karen Traviss

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Author Karen Traviss has penned five books based off the Star Wars: Republic Commando game from LucasArts, and just released Halo: Glasslands - but she doesn't play them.

Traviss says if she did game then she "wouldn't do anything else" most likely. Traviss has also written five books for Gears of War and leads their comics - she wrote Gears of War 3.

Republic Commando director back at LucasArts, sequel plans?

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Tim Longo has left Tomb Raider's Crystal Dynamics and returned to LucasArts where he was employed before as lead designer for Star Wars: Republic Commando.

He then served as the project's director. LucasArts have recently announced a license deal with Epic for their Unreal Engine 3 tech. Are the elite clones returning?

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