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Chucklefish Games release 'Winter Update' trailer for Starbound, due next week

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The 2D procedurally generated universe of Starbound is expecting a huge content update next week from indie Chucklefish Games as the 'Winter Update' becomes available through the testing branch.

The studio has released a new trailer highlighting the big list of changes, which range from all-new player ships and on-board AIs, to new blocks, crafting and tech. There's even a new race to choose.

Chucklefish to separate Starbound engine and content updates

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British indie Chucklefish is getting a divorce between engine-based and content updates for Starbound, meaning the team can "push updates more frequently." When new content is finished it'll be pushed.

This also means that engine updates will be receiving more internal testing before they go live, so if they get hiccups then they can still be releasing new content to play with.

Starbound development delays to deal with "sexual predator targeting children"

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Chucklefish, creator of Starbound, has announced they've temporarily delayed work on their sci-fi sandbox game to help authorities deal with a "sexual predator" that had been targeting young children.

This individual had been using the community to look for potential victims, but the dev team was alerted and informed the authorities, which now requires their time.

Starbound road map laid out, Chucklefish gearing up for second game

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Indie Chucklefish has revealed their overall development road map for Starbound, which includes better progression, a pixel economy, end game PvP, and admin 'Director Mode' to spawn challenges.

However the studio also reveals plans to create a second game. They haven't quite settle on what it is yet but it could be a "top down, open world, multiplayer pirate game."

Chucklefish list upcoming changes to Starbound, permadeath on the way

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Starbound is a million strong despite just being in the Steam Early Access stage of its life, and developer Chucklefish has just detailed the changes due in the patch, like more decorative hats. "Yay, hats!"

Oh, there's also permadeath and drop-everything-on-death being added. Then there are revolvers, pulse rifles, hand grenades, shivs etc. and dressed guards.

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