In Starbound, you take on the role of a character who’s just fled from their home planet, only to crash-land on another.
EU & US Release date: 4 Dec, 2014

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Starbound gets 'suicidal' bug fix update, addresses missing NPCs and teleport glitches

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Chucklefish has just issued another update to Starbound, weighing in over 500MB. This fixes some of the bugs introduced by the latest big update, which added teleporters, planet bookmarking and ship-bound pets.

The teleporters were on the fritz and getting players stuck, so now that shouldn't happen! Also, an output quest NPC has gotten unlost, and ship upgrades shouldn't misplace doors. Plus, you can now suicide.

Starbound update includes planetary bookmarks, teleporters, ship pets and slime caves

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A new big slice of content has been patched into Starbound's 'stable' branch, meaning it's ready for the masses to consume. This update brings a much sought after feature: planet bookmarks, which lets us keep tabs on favourite locations.

It also includes teleporters for us to zip around the vast galaxy, and uses Teleporter Cores to create new stations. Adventurers also now get pets aboard their ships to feed and nurture.

Starbound receives first major update in almost a year

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Early Access exploration and crating game Starbound has just received its first stable update since March of last year, containing a pretty vast list of additions and improvements.

Combat's seen a major overhaul, there's now a universal hub where players can shop and trade, and a new playable race, the 'Novakids', have been added to the game.

Chucklefish Games release 'Winter Update' trailer for Starbound, due next week

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The 2D procedurally generated universe of Starbound is expecting a huge content update next week from indie Chucklefish Games as the 'Winter Update' becomes available through the testing branch.

The studio has released a new trailer highlighting the big list of changes, which range from all-new player ships and on-board AIs, to new blocks, crafting and tech. There's even a new race to choose.

Chucklefish to separate Starbound engine and content updates

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British indie Chucklefish is getting a divorce between engine-based and content updates for Starbound, meaning the team can "push updates more frequently." When new content is finished it'll be pushed.

This also means that engine updates will be receiving more internal testing before they go live, so if they get hiccups then they can still be releasing new content to play with.

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