Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void

EU & US Release date: 10 November 2013
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Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Latest News

StarCraft II’s Nova Covert Ops DLC infiltrates this month

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Starcraft: Ghost is back! As a mission pack for StarCraft II.

StarCraft World Championship Series prize pool climbs over $2 million

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StarCraft is often given credit as one of the the originators of the global esports scene and with good reason. The game has been a premier platform for competition world wide thru, but perhaps nothing is as good of an indicator of how far the franchise has come and how much is invested in the pro scene than the recent report by Blizzard, which detailed a massive prize pool for 2016's Championship series.

Legacy of the Void will have a new free commander and co-op map soon

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Over the last week, Blizzard has been teasing new content for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void that will be coming to the game soon for free. We've come to find out that players will be able to play as Karax in co-op mode and players will be able to take Karax and other commanders into a brand-new co-op mission.

Blizzard opens pre-orders for StarCraft Nova Missions DLC

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StarCraft II has done what it came to do and Blizzard has drawn the curtain on the main series for now, but they aren't done quite yet. At Blizzcon, the video game giant offered a glimpse at the DLC that would be offered in 2016 featuring single-player missions centered around the Terran Ghost, Nova. Blizzard opened up pre-orders for the DLC today, offering serious savings if players purchase the collection early.

New mod for StarCraft 2 offers a third-person shooter experience

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Fans of Blizzard games may remember the ill-fated StarCraft: Ghost that blew up in development and got canned before ever seeing the light of day. That hole in our hearts may never be filled, but at least there's a new mod that puts us behind the shoulder of iconic Terran units in a 3rd-person arena shooter.

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