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64-bit client for Stonehearth with Alpha 9, team "really building momentum now"

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It's time to throw off those 32-bit shackles as the new Alpha 9 update for kingdom-builder Stonehearth introduces the option to go 64-bit. This month's alpha update also rebalances combat and adds some music for it.

We also get travelling merchants visiting our towns and they'll buy our excess wares, and we can now toggle an autosave option. There's a "whole boatload of bug fixes" thrown in for good measure.

Stonehearth Alpha 8 update released, plans for "new version about once a month"

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Sandbox kingdom builder Stonehearth has just received its Alpha 8 update, and there are new features to play with. The Blacksmith is in, who can smelt ores, forge ingots and equip our guardsmen with armour and weapons.

Mining has also been enhanced, and a party system lets us group units. The small development team at Radiant Entertainment has also worked on graphical and lighting improvements.

Stonehearth celebrates one year anniversary, Alpha 3 released with saving/loading

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California-based Radiant Entertainment are celebrating the one year anniversary for Stonehearth's Kickstarter, which saw the voxel-based kingdom builder backed by over $750k when they only asked for $120k.

To mark the occasion a new Alpha build has been released through Humble and Steam, so now our fledgling towns can be saved and loaded, with farming also introduced.

Stonehearth alpha build now available to Kickstarter backers

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Radiant Entertainment has announced that the alpha build of their blocky sandbox strategy game Stonehearth is now available for Kickstarter backers who contributed $30 or more to the project.

Games continue to dominate Kickstarter, pledges total $200 million

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While 2012 was crowned 'The Year of the Game' by Kickstarter, 2013's pace for crowd funding video games has blown past last year's $83 million to tally $112 million with weeks to go yet.

Overall games have seen pledges reach $200 million, with $178.15 million actually funding projects from successful campaigns. Games make up 22% of total pledges.

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