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Tera: Rising getting new battleground on 2nd July

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Tera: Rising, which Tera changed its name to when it transitioned to free-to-play, will be getting a new battleground on the 2nd July.

Tera enjoys first anniversary, celebrates with player bonuses

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En Masse Entertainment has announced that its action-MMORPG Tera is celebrating its first anniversary, having launched on the 1st May 2012. The game recently went free-to-play and rebranded itself Tera: Rising.

Tera added 500K subscribers since going free-to-play

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Since going free-to-play, action-RPG MMO Tera has added 500K active subscribers to raise the total to over 1M, according to GameForge.

Free-to-play switching on February 5th for TERA in Europe

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Gameforge announces that TERA will officially re-launch with free-to-play February 5th, offering two standard accounts: the Free User and Veteran. Paying nothing gets you access to all game content.

Veteran ranked users are those who purchased TERA before the switch and "offers advantages" in reward. The 'TERA Club' is the MMO's optional subscription which comes with goodies.

Tera going free-to-play in February

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En Masse Entertainment has announced that their action-MMO Tera will be going free-to-play, rebranding as Tera: Rising. The rebranded MMO will feature in-game purchases for "elite" benefit options.

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