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Tera: Fate of Arun Summary

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Tera adds new Brawler class, two endgame dungeons

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Developer Bluehole has announced that their action-MMORPG Tera will be getting a new character class, the Brawler, and two end-game dungeons this coming 27 December 2015.

Tera update adds new region, improved character creation

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Action MMO Tera has received a new update today which is aimed at making the game easier to get into for new players. The update adds a new starting area, an Improved character creation system, a new character selection screen, expanded character names and updated chat channels.

The Lost Isle update for TERA drops today, adding story quests for new and returning players

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The Lost Isle update for MMO TERA has dropped today, adding a new area called Stepstone Isle that offers story quests for characters of all levels.

To help out new players, character creation has been given a bit of a tweaking, with the addition of an "active starting menu" that lets you try out the various races and classes in the game before you commit.

Fate of Arun, the first major expansion for MMO Tera, is available now

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Fate of Arun is the first major expansion for action fantasy MMO Tera, and it's live now. Expect new class skills, zones, and dungeons, as well as an increased character level cap to 65.

The update lets players explore the continent of Val Oriyn, an isolated 'lost world' filled with "savage jungles, colossal ruins, and the undiscovered homeland of the barakas." This is a baraka. In beach-wear, naturally.

Tera: Rising getting new battleground on 2nd July

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Tera: Rising, which Tera changed its name to when it transitioned to free-to-play, will be getting a new battleground on the 2nd July.

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