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The Long Dark's big new update changes nearly every survival mechanic in the game

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Hinterland's survival game The Long Dark has received a hefty new update, which makes several major changes to its survival mechanics, and packs in the usual mix of fixes and improvements.

“Abstract Foraging”, by which the team means rooting around in drawers and barrels for useful objects, has been replaced by a “Direct Harvesting” mechanic, which allows you to break down items in the world in order to get what you need.

The Long Dark update adds Pleasant Valley region, new inventory UI and scared wolves

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Hinterland's survival wintry-sandbox The Long Dark has been updated with a new region to chatter your teeth in. It's called Pleasant Valley and takes the playable sandbox to "nearly 20 square kilometres".

This new area is "rural mountain valley" and is worth almost 10 square kilometres alone, and features fields, farms, caves and vast forestry. We can now wield torches to scare away wolves.

The Long Dark sells over 250k copies on Early Access, update to "nearly double" game world

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Hinterland Studio have broken through the 250k milestone for exploration survival game The Long Dark, as they've sold that many since hitting Steam Early Access last September. They've released an infographic.

20 updates have been released so far with the new due later this month and set to "nearly double" the game world in size, adding plenty of new places to explore and threats to deal with.

Hinterland's The Long Dark survival game now on Steam Early Access

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The sandbox mode for The Long Dark is now available to Early Access testers and backers of Hinterland's harsh survival game. A new gameplay trailer has been released to mark the launch.

The sandbox mode is devoid of any of the main story that we'll experience in the full game, with the focus solely on trying to survive. It's currently atop the besting sellers list for Early Access.

Hinterlands update on The Long Dark, release first in-game screenshots

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First-person post-disaster survival sim The Long Dark has just received an update from Canadian developer Hinterland, letting us know they're still alive and are now coming out of hibernation with new regular updates.

They've been "heads down, hard at work" over the past six months, and have made "some incredible progress" on The Long Dark. Two new in-game screens have been released.

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