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The Lord of the Rings Online Review

It's a game worthy of Mordor, so get a copy as soon as you can; here's one not to miss for any Tolkien fan.

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Lord of the Rings Online's new Beorning class offers skin-changing fun‏

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Of all the many colourful characters in Tolkein's fiction, The Hobbit's Beorn is probably one of the ones you'd least want to annoy. Because he could turn into a bear and eat your head.

Now you too can opt for a little ursine transformation if you play Lord of the Rings Online, with the latest update's addition of the new 'Beorning' class.

Lord of the Rings Online retains license until 2017

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Fears that MMO developers Turbine were losing their grip on the Lord of the Rings license appear to have been lessened by a post on the LOTRO forums by a community manager that confirms the company has an agreement in place until 2017.

No more new dungeons for Lord of the Rings Online

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Developers Turbine are not planning any new dungeons or raids for their venerable Lord of the Rings MMO.

Power failure at Turbine delays Lord Of The Rings Online: Helm's Deep

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Turbine was forced to delay the launch of the Helm's Deep expansion for Lord of the Rings Online as a power failure knocked out their systems. Functionality was quickly restored but issues remain.

The studio is undertaking some "lengthy diagnostic investigations" to figure out how the power failure occurred, and warned some servers will have trouble for a little while.

The Lord Of The Rings Online: Helm's Deep expansion coming October 28th

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Want to take part in the "most epic conflict yet" for MMO The Lord of the Rings Online? Well you can't. Not until October 28th arrives anyway, like some much needed reinforcements at some kind of siege battle.

Helm's Deep is the sight of the "most memorable battle" in Middle-earth, and now the LOTRO team are letting fans get right in the thick of it. Level cap rises from 85 to 95.

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