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Ship layouts and service branches detailed for sci-fi soap opera The Mandate

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Perihelion Interactive has posted a new update for The Mandate detailing the layouts of ships, the six different service branches and briefly touched on the coat of arms. The studio reveal why they're important.

A ship's layout will of course matter when managing the crew, especially if you're repelling invaders. The service branches all provide distinct functions but also character progression.

New video demonstrates The Mandate’s Battle Orchestrator mode

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A new video from developer Perihelion Interactive demonstrates their sandbox sci-fi strategy RPG The Mandate’s Battle Orchestrator mode. Battle Orchestrator is a holographic simulator that allows players to plan and execute their deep space battles.

Perihelion explain The Mandate's RTS Battle Orchestrator

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Space opera The Mandate is beyond the Kickstarter nebula and finally on track for production. Perihelion Entertainment has revealed more about their so-called Battle Orchestrator and what they intend.

Real-time strategies have gotten rather stale, they feel, despite fancy visuals and destructibility. Battle Orchestrator designed to abolish the "tactical click-fest".

Screens and video showcasing textures and models released for space opera The Mandate

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Co-operative sandbox RPG The Mandate features an ambitious mix of space combat and RTS ship-boarding gameplay, and developers Perihelion Interactive have released screenshots and a video showing off exactly what your squad of badass space marines might look like.

The Mandate Kickstarter concluded with $700k, starbase boarding unlocked

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Perihelion Interactive's space opera The Mandate has achieved Kickstarter success with 16,408 backers pledging $701,010. That's accompanied by around $15,000 from Paypal donations.

Not only is The Mandate well on its way financially but the community also managed to hit the Starbase Boarding Operations stretch goal. Visit planets and starbases now.

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