The Sims 3 Reviews


The Sims 3 Review

Is the console version of EA's PC behemoth finally a worthwhile port?


The Sims 3 Review

Deceptively Sim-ple.

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The Sims 3 · by crawlroman ·

The new seamless neighborhood architecture allows your Sims to roam freely around the neighborhood and visit their loved one and friends—or foes. Discovering other Sims homes and families, traveling around to new locations like City Hall or the local park create a whole new way of life for your Sims. Storytelling options multiply as your Sims stroll downtown to meet new acquaintances, head across town for lunch, spy on their neighbors and bump into the boss when they least expect it. In addition to the open, living neighborhood, the all-new Create-a-Sim interface features easy-to-use design tools that allow you to make truly detailed Sims that are more realistic than ever. Create-a-Sim gives you the incredible freedom to customize just about any Sim you can imagine. From thin to full-figured to muscular—everything in between and even the extreme! In addition to determining your Sims body shape and size, you are also be able to fine-tune every feature on their faces, customize their hair style and select their skin tone, all from a vast selection of options. With so many choices to choose from, it is fun to create more realistic characters that look like you, someone you want to look like, or even a famous personality

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