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It’s an emotional return for The Sims as they move to higher polygon pastures.

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EA update The Sims 4 with basements in free content patch

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Basement dwellers rejoice because you can now have your Sims skulking underground thanks to the latest content update for The Sims 4. You can even dig two levels deep, and there's now a fourth floor.

The basements can be fully customised in Build Mode for some "absolutely incredible lots." This stretches buildings from three to six floors, which is great for those really, really deep plunge pools.

EA shuts down The Sims and SimCity developer Maxis

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In this industry it's not often that hearing a studio is being closed down genuinely surprises you, but I'm left fairly shocked by the news that EA is shutting the doors at Maxis Emeryville, the studio's main headquarters, for good.

Well, maybe 'surprised' is the wrong word; despite the well-publicised disaster of SimCity and the negative response to the removal of several features from The Sims 4, I somehow simply assumed that Maxis, who've been around since before I was even born, would continue on regardless.

The Sims 4 is free for 48 hours via Origin's 'On the House' programme

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If you're yet to try out the latest entry in Maxis' eternally popular people-manipulating simulator, now's your chance - The Sims 4 is free via Origin's 'Game Time' promotion for 48 hours.

Game Time gives you full access to the entire game for a set time period. Once you load up the game for the first time, the clock starts running down. So you can't ration those hours out over several weeks, more's the pity.

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat game pack out today

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It begins. EA has announced the Outdoor Retreat mini-expansion game pack for The Sims 4, which until this moment was free and clear of add-ons skulking ready to strike at our wallets.

Granite Falls is introduced in this game pack, an all-new place to visit, as well as the opportunity for our Sims to go camping, try out some new unique outdoor activities, and a new Herbalist skill.

New careers and Christmas trinkets in latest content patch for The Sims 4

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The Sims 4 has received another free content patch, with another batch of features for budding demi-gods to mess around with. This time around there's a focus on Sim careers and, unsurprisingly, Christmas trinkets.

Two news career paths, the Business Career and the Athletic Career, offer new ways for your Sims to earn that sweet, sweet paycheque. Each contains new life goals, new outfits and new reward objects.

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