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The Walking Dead Season 1 Game of the Year Edition spotted

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As Telltale Games revs up for its major The Walking Dead Season 2 announcement, a new The Walking Dead Season 1 Game of the Year Edition bundle has been spotted on Amazon and GameStop.

Telltale tease "big news" this month on The Walking Dead: Season Two

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While Telltale's The Wolf Among Us may have just released, they don't want us forgetting their stellar rendition of The Walking Dead is also due a shuffling return. There's "big news" due later this month.

Little information has been released about Season Two, although new characters from the 400 Days DLC are expected to appear somewhere. Will Clementine return?

Telltale: Season Two of The Walking Dead news "coming pretty soon"

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Telltale's new episodic adventure The Wolf Among Us, based on the Fables comics, is currently available for preorder, but Telltale's Dennis Lenart teased in an IGN video interview that the second season of The Walking Dead is "coming pretty soon".

Telltale Games confirm Clementine returns to The Walking Dead

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Dan Connors from Telltale Games has spilled beans at the San Diego Comic Con - seriously they've gone everywhere. Former tree house resident Clementine "will definitely be a part of" the upcoming season.

A teasing image showed Clementine in the rain, sitting next to another child character. We could also learn of Kenny's fate in season two, with season one and 400 Days decisions carrying over.

The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC coming out tomorrow

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Telltale Games has announced that the 400 Days downloadable content for The Walking Dead will be arriving this week. It's expected to be the bridge from the first season of The Walking Dead to the upcoming second season.

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