The Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 1 Summary


The Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 1 Review

Do you like good things happening to good people? Then don’t play The Walking Dead.

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Next episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead out May 13th, trailer released

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Season two of The Walking Dead from developer Telltale Games continues next week on May 13th with Episode 3 - 'In Harm's Way'. It releases first for PC, Mac and PS3 through Steam, Telltale and PSN.

The very next day Xbox 360 and European PS3 gamers then get it, followed by iOS May 15th. A new trailer has been released by Telltale, and it contains spoilers for season two.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 returns with Episode 2 out next week

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Telltale Games has just released a 1 minute 33 second teaser trailer for Episode 2: A House Divided for the second season of The Walking Dead. It shuffles out next week for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Things are getting tense as Clementine is drawn into the selfish world of adults more and more, with trust and loyalty up in the air. Just one more week to swing that hammer, Clem.

The Walking Dead's next episode "just around the corner"

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Episode two of the second season for Telltale's The Walking Dead is shuffling around the corner, tweets the studio. It's good news for adventure fans as it shows less time waiting, more time as a little girl.

Tomorrow will see the release of episode two for The Wolf Among Us, which has suffered a long delay and finally releases. The Walking Dead season two began December 17th.

The Walking Dead Season 2 marred by DRM glitch, PC users told to "buy game"

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Clementine has been kidnapped by none other than Telltale Games' authentication servers for some PC gamers as Season 2 of The Walking Dead fails to give the secret online handshake.

Those affected are told to go to Telltale's website, buy the game or quit. The studio claims to have "now solved the server issue," but others are still reporting the problem.

Telltale: "The world doesn't care" you're a little girl in The Walking Dead's Season 2

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Will punches be pulled by Telltale Games in Season 2 of The Walking Dead as we now fill the princess shoes of Clementine? Absolutely not, says the studio. Its world "doesn't care" you're a child.

Fans shouldn't expect a "nicer or kinder" time of it, it just means we'll be considering things "from a different perspective." Casting Clem made then uncomfortable in the "best way possible."

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