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Titanfall: Deluxe Edition available on Origin now‏

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There's a new version of Titanfall out on Origin right now, which packages up the game and its Season Pass for a very reasonable price.

Yep, Titanfall: Deluxe Edition includes every single one of the game's existing map expansion packs; Expedition, Frontier's Edge, and the recently released IMC Rising.

Titanfall game update eight adds new Frontier Defence co-op mode‏

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Game update eight for Titanfall was released yesterday, and it's a really big one. It adds a brand new cooperative game mode called Frontier Defense, ranked play, 'map stars' and a bunch other fixes and additions.

Frontier Defence is a four-player spin on familiar wave defence modes, in which you'll face off against a bunch of new enemies including the very nasty sounding 'Nuclear Titans'. That can't be good.

Respawn outlines Sand Trap, a desert duel map from upcoming DLC IMC Rising

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Sand Trap is the latest map from Titanfall's upcoming DLC pack IMC Rising to get an in-depth preview from Respawn.

"Sand Trap is my attempt take some of my favorite lessons from Titanfall development along with some new ideas and put them together to make a brand new experience," writes designer Chris Dionne.

Take a tour of 'Zone 18' from Titanfall's upcoming DLC map pack

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Respawn Entertainment has posted a preview of 'Zone 18', one of three levels that make up the upcoming Titanfall DLC map pack IMC Rising.

Designer Geoff Smith says the map was originally intended to show off the Last Titan Standing mode, and describes the general feel as "almost a paintball field for Titans". Which sounds like an excellent concept.

Titanfall Update Six adds Mech-free game mode Pilot Skirmish

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In a move which seems to somewhat undermine the point of the game, Respawn has revealed that there's a Mech-free Pilot Skirmish mode coming in Update Six for Titanfall.

Okay, when you add in those special abilities and cool parkour moves maybe traditional infantry combat does have a place in the game. It gets rid of the AI bot companions too, which is a fine thing as far as I'm concerned.

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