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Torchlight was good on PC. It's just as good on console. Hurrah!

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Torchlight available for free via Arc Games, sequel for only $5‏

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Runic’s action RPG Torchlight is a terrific little hack-and-slash lootfest, and its sequel Torchlight 2 gives Diablo 3 a serious run for its money in terms of sheer addictive fun.

So here's some good news for anyone who doesn't own a copy of either game; Arc Games is currently offering the first tile for free and the sequel for only $5.

Torchlight co-founders leave Runic Games

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Travis Baldree and Eric Schaefer, two of the founders of Runic Games, have posted on the studio's forum, stating that they will be stepping down from the company in the next few weeks.

NeoGAF spots four new XBLA bundles coming

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NeoGAF users have spotted what appears to be four new bundles based on Xbox Live Arcade. The logos were found in the Marketplace on No prices or release dates are known, but the games should cost less than the individual XBLA titles will. puts Torchlight up for "unbeatable price of free" until June 20th

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Runic Games' action-RPG Torchlight is entirely free of charge via as part of their 2013 #NoDRM Summer Sale, where over 500 titles with no DRM are "at least 50% off" for over two weeks.

All that DRM talk surrounding E3 was depressing, says, so they're giving away Torchlight. There are going to be plenty of daily deals so best to check-in regularly.

Runic "eager to break that mold" of action RPG wth Torchlight

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The next instalment in the Torchlight series is unlikely to be so direct a sequel as Torchlight 2 has been to the original. In fact, Runic want to take the action RPG mold and break it "a little bit."

The studio won't be leaving the ARPG arena as it's their "sole marketable skill" among the team. The early success of Diablo 1 "sort of stuck" with the veterans, but now they want a "twist on it".

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