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Chris Capel's got a big wrench, a bulldog called Tiny McTitch, and loves hunting ratlins by Torchlight.

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Torchlight available for free via Arc Games, sequel for only $5‏

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Runic’s action RPG Torchlight is a terrific little hack-and-slash lootfest, and its sequel Torchlight 2 gives Diablo 3 a serious run for its money in terms of sheer addictive fun.

So here's some good news for anyone who doesn't own a copy of either game; Arc Games is currently offering the first tile for free and the sequel for only $5.

Torchlight co-founders leave Runic Games

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Travis Baldree and Eric Schaefer, two of the founders of Runic Games, have posted on the studio's forum, stating that they will be stepping down from the company in the next few weeks.

PAX Prime 2013: Runic still has "no plans" for a console port of Torchlight 2

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Despite Torchlight selling well on Xbox Live Arcade, Runic has stated that the developer still has "no plans" for a console port version of the popular sequel Torchlight II.

Torchlight 2 now fully integrated with Steam Workshop, Guts editor released

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Action-RPG Torchlight 2 is now mod friendly as the latest update includes full Steam Workshop support, with developer Runic releasing their Guts editor which lets players "modify almost everything" in the game.

That includes fiddling with item and skill balances, level designs, animations, quests, "and much more," teased Runic. There's a conversion tool for old mods in this new era for Torchlight 2.

Torchlight II getting new pets to celebrate Asian launch

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Torchlight II is debuting in Asia with a new localization, and to celebrate, developer Runic Games is releasing new pets for the game. One of the pets will be, appropriately, a panda.

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