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Chris Taylor's 'inner nerd' is "alive and well" for Total Annihilation

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Total Annihilation creator Chris Taylor and his studio Gas Powered Games is now owned by World of Tanks developer Wargaming, and so is the infinite war machine that is Total Annihilation.

"I don't even need to be coy", jokes Taylor. He admitted his 'inner nerd' "died a little bit" when releasing Supreme Commander 2, but it's "alive and well" for the future...

Gas Powered Games "doing something great," but it's "too early to talk about"

article image now owns Gas Powered Games, and boss Victor Kislyi teases that Chris Taylor and his studio in Seattle are "doing something great," but wouldn't reveal anything about the project.

The Supreme Commander studio was rescued from bankruptcy after an ambitious Wild Man Kickstarter campaign failed to achieve success. He added it is "going to eclipse everything". marks 15th anniversary, opens US office, confirms British aircraft

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World of Tanks creator is celebrating 15 years of being in this business of games. Things are going well as they announce a new Austin, Texas office to handle global communications.

The studio also confirms the "many iconic military aircraft" of the British air force will be ready before World of Warplanes' official launch. It's also "too soon" for Total Annihilation news.

Rumor: Door now open for Chris Taylor to develop Total Annihilation sequel

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With now owning Gas Powered Games and picking up the Total Annihilation IP during Atari's auction of licenses, the situation is set up for Chris Taylor to make a proper sequel to Total Annihilation, his notable real-time strategy game.

Atari auctioning off properties, including Rollercoaster Tycoon, Total Annihilation

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THQ auctioned off its properties during its bankruptcy, and now Atari will be doing the same, as it tries to raise $22M to recoup some of its losses.

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