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Total War: Arena will enter closed Beta this month, the barbarians are coming

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Creative Assembly's team-based strategy game Total War: Arena is set to enter its closed Beta stage this month, as part of a big new update titled that adds barbarian units to the game.

The free-to-play title is currently in closed Alpha, with only Roman and Greek leaders to choose between. You can sign up for a chance to test it out here. I'd say go for it, it's a surprisingly neat multiplayer game.

Patch 11 released for team-based strategy Total War: Arena, no account data will be reset from this point on

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Creative Assembly has released Patch 11 for its team-based strategy game Total War: Arena, which marks the point at which players no longer need to worry about their progress being rest - from now on. everything you do in the game will be saved.

"We’re now confident enough in our infrastructure and tools that we can make this announcement," says the developer. The team recognises that players coming in may feel a bit outmatched by veteran players, but promises that the matchmaking system should solve that issue.

Total War: ARENA Closed Alpha sign-ups begin, "inform the next stages" of the game

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Creative Assembly's free-to-play, team-based strategy Total War: ARENA has now achieved its Closed Alpha phase. The studio has begun to take registrations for those willing to test the Total War spin-off.

It's purpose built for multiplayer as a real-time strategy, where 2 teams of 10 players control 3 warriors each led by "an iconic commander from history," with specialist skills earned through victory.

Creative Assembly open sign ups for Total War: Arena closed beta testing

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The free-to-play MOBA Total War: Arena from Creative Assembly is now accepting registrations for its closed beta, which also grant "exclusive Vanguard Armoury items" when it officially launches.

Should you already own Total War: Rome II then you're entitled to "privileged access" to Arena content, "advanced beta access" and Legion Armoury bonuses.

Total War: Rome II purchasers will get free beta access to Total War: Arena

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Creative Assembly has announced that players who purchase Total War: Rome II will get free beta access to their 10 on 10 multiplayer strategy game Total War: Arena. In addition, Total War: Rome II owners will have access to "exclusive in-game Legion Armory bonuses" and $15 worth of in-game currency for Arena.

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