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Total War: ATTILA "meant for future graphics cards" with 'Extreme Quality'

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Creative Assembly say they're future proofing Total War: ATTILA with the 'Extreme Quality' setting in the game's graphical options, which flicks on a number of demanding luxuries at 1440p. 'No one will default to this'.

Also the 'Recommended Spec' is tied to 1080p on the 'Quality' setting for mid-range cards. PC specs for ATTILA are higher than Rome II because of the "newer iteration of our TW Engine."

Second annual 'Make War Not Love' competition for Total War and Company of Heroes, begins February 12th

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SEGA, Creative Assembly and Relic are ready to kick off this year's 'Make War Not Love' community competition, pitting the Total War and Company of Heroes strategy buffs against one another for the corporate-mandated Valentine's Day.

Every in-game victory achieved in "consecutive three hour rounds" will be tallied, with the most won rounds earning players of that respective game free DLC.

Creative Assembly's new 'Barbarian Hordes Feature' for Total War: ATTILA

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A new feature spotlight has been released for Total War: ATTILA which covers the Barbarian Hordes in the upcoming standalone expansion. It's over 6 minutes long and shows us this new way to play.

Migrating factions are nomadic and "effectively carry their towns with them", and don't need fixed settlements to improve technology, increase their production or recruit new forces.

Total War: ROME II - Wrath of Sparta Campaign Pack now out

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Creative Assembly has just launched the Wrath of Sparta Campaign Pack for Total War: ROME II, which adds a new "epic campaign expansion" which sees time crank back to 432 BC.

The new DLC deals with the Peloponnesian Wars that engulfed the city-states of Greece. The new pack includes "all-new technology trees" to represent Greek culture and disciplines.

Dominate Ancient Greece in the upcoming Wrath of Sparta expansion for Total War: Rome 2

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Total War: Attila might be just over the horizon, but that doesn't mean that Creative Assembly has given up on Total War: Rome 2.

The developer has just announced Wrath of Sparta, a new “epic campaign” that sets the clock way back to 432 BC at the outset of the Peloponnesian War.

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