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Black Sea Colonies DLC for Total War: Rome II, 12th free content from Creative Assembly

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The 12th piece of free content DLC is now out from developer Creative Assembly for Total War: Rome II. The Black Sea Colonies adds a "wealthy trading-state" with the Massilia on the North-Western coast of the Mediterranean.

The Black Sea Colonies Culture Pack is also available from today, but that's going to cost you some denarii. It adds custom battles and three hybrid factions to the Grand Campaign.

Creative Assembly unveil Total War: Attila, 'family trees and complete destruction'

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The next instalment to the grand series of Total War is Attilla, and with it we're thrown into the dawn of the Dark Ages. The Roman Empire is on its last legs and barbaric hordes revel in chaos.

A terrifying force gathers behind one known as Attila the Hun. Creative offer us the chance to lead this 'herald of destruction' or to try and revive the ailing Roman Empire.

EGX: Creative Assembly announce new Total War in live stream @ 4PM GMT+1

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Stop sacking Rome for 5 minutes and pay attention. Today Creative Assembly will be announcing where the drums of Total War are going next in their live streamed EGX presentation today @ 4PM GMT+1.

There's been much speculation on time periods, but rumours also speak of another IP universe as the setting? Some photos have leaked from EGX showing off some scale armour.

Creative Assembly's Total War: ROME II now updated to Emperor Edition

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For those who own Creative Assembly's Total War: ROME II you might have noticed it's got a lot more Emperor in its diet. Today marks the launch of the Emperor Edition, which overhauls some key things.

The political system has been reworked with building chains overhauled, and an extensive campaign rebalancing. Armenia joins the playable factions in the Grand Campaign.

Creative Assembly will debut a new Total War title at EGX this month

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Only a week after they lifted the lid on the upgraded Rome 2: Emperor Edition, Creative Assembly has announced that they will reveal a new Total War title at this month's EGX event.

Specifically the reveal will happen as part of CA's developer stage session on Thursday 25 at 4pm GMT.

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