Total War: ROME II - Caesar in Gaul Summary

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Creative Assembly's Total War: ROME II now updated to Emperor Edition

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For those who own Creative Assembly's Total War: ROME II you might have noticed it's got a lot more Emperor in its diet. Today marks the launch of the Emperor Edition, which overhauls some key things.

The political system has been reworked with building chains overhauled, and an extensive campaign rebalancing. Armenia joins the playable factions in the Grand Campaign.

Total War: Rome 2 patch 13.1 adds festival events and gameplay fixes

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Total War: Rome 2's latest patch 13.1, entitled "Hotfixes and Festivals", adds the usual bunch of new technical fixes and gameplay improvements, alongside new "seasonal festival events" across all campaigns.

Most of the other changes relate to the recent Pirates & Raiders DLC, fixing problems with recruitment and unit stats.

Pirates and Raiders Culture Pack out now for Total War: Rome II

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The recently announced Pirates and Raiders Culture Pack for Creative Assembly's Total War: Rome II is now available. After parting with some of you hard earned denarii, three new factions become playable.

Ardiaei of Illyria, and the Thracian tribes of Tylis and the Odrysian Kingdom make up the new Culture Pack. Each comes with their own military and naval units, as well as traits and religions.

Pirates and Raiders Culture Pack for Total War: Rome II alongside "free LC"

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Creative Assembly have announced a new Culture Pack for Total War: Rome II that adds the factions of Ardiaei, the Odrysian Kingdom and Tylis, which call the European Balkans their home.

This makes the first playable Thracian and Dacian factions for Rome II, but Creative are also releasing "free LC" with the Getae, another Balkan people, plus an historical battle.

Total War: Rome II receives free Seasons and Wonders update

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Creative Assembly have released a free update before the launch of Hannibal at the Gates for Total War: Rome II. The Seasons and Wonders update adds wonders and seasons to maps and the Grand Campaign.

There's also a unit roster expansion for Carthage, and support for Twitch streaming and even touchscreen. This update includes a new major patch with fixes and balance tweaks.

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