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Transformers Universe developer Jagex confirms round of layoffs

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Transformers Universe developer Jagex is in the process of laying off several members of staff, according to reports from

The UK studio confirmed that it's in a consultation process with the Transformers Universe team, and that while some will find employment elsewhere within Jagex, others will face redundancy.

Jagex confirms Wheeljack and Knock Out for Transformers Universe

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Jagex has confirmed that both Wheeljack and Knock Out will be joining free-to-play online brawler Transformers Universe as playable warriors. They will follow in the footsteps of fellow rustbuckets Chromia and Flamewar, who are coming to the game this October.

It's something of a premature announcement from Jagex, who were forced to respond after news of the new additions leaked onto the net earlier this week.

Transformers Universe beta kicks off tomorrow

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It's good news for fans of giant robots punching each other, as Jagex's free 3rd-person MOBA Transformers Universe starts its open beta period tomorrow.

You can sign up here for the beta then jump straight into action when it kicks off. To celebrate the launch Jagex is running a double-XP weekend, offering cash prizes and hosting a 24-hour live stream on its Twitch stream.

Transformers Universe: Showdown and Mismatch trailers released

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Transformers Universe developer Jagex has released two new trailers showing off Autobot Showdown and Decepticon Mismatch, the two latest additions to the MMO's roster of robots.

Transformers Universe offers $450 Cybernite Founder program

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Transformers Universe is the upcoming action MOBA from Jagex Games. If you've got (a lot of) money to spare, you can now buy one of several Founder packages, priced at $45 all the way up to the super-expensive Cybernite package for $450.