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Get your cigars and Castro hats ready, it's time to return to Kaylpso's tropical dictatorship.

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Tropico 5 embraces eco-friendly image with Gone Green DLC

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El Presidente wants to do PR damage control and the new Gone Green DLC helps him not only clean up his image, but literally clean up the island of Tropico itself. This new Tropico 5 DLC is out today.

It introduces the "clean, renewable source" of wind power with the new Wind Farm. That should help offset all that crude oil we're pumping out to the Superpowers. A new island and scenario are included.

Tropico 5 gets new Surf's Up DLC today with "zany intergalactic adventure"

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El Presidente has had a prophetic dream of aliens looking to build an "intergalactic motorway" right across Tropico, and so the new Tropico 5 Surf's Up DLC out today enlists the help of mankind's aquatic chums; the dolphins.

A new sandbox map, avatar accessory, music tracks and The Dolphinarium await in the new add-on. It releases today for PC, Mac and SteamOS for the price of £2.49 / €2.99 / $3.99.

New gameplay trailer for Tropico 5: Waterborne

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The 'declaration of war on the ocean' is well underway in Tropico 5: Waterborne, which features all-new water-based industry, homes and even new foreign power deterrents like a submarine.

A new gameplay trailer has been released by Kalypso Media showcasing some of the new floating real-estate El Presidente will be commissioning for his fellow Tropicans.

Tropico 5 expansion announced, Waterborne features 'ocean industry'

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The first major addition to the island dictator sim Tropico 5 has just been announced. Now El Presidente will have the option to expand his industry into water-based ventures.

A whole slew of coastal and off-shore buildings are introduced with Waterborne, including "luxurious floating apartments," and submarines can be commissioned to beef up our naval power.

Mad World DLC for Tropico 5 now out, includes new scenario and The Asylum

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It's time for some extra health care in Tropico and this latest DLC for Tropico 5 looks to soothe the mind with The Asylum, which is great for citizens recovering from being discredited by El Presidente.

It's up to every dictator to decide whether their mental health care is a force for good, or not. A new 'Madness' scenario is also available, along with a new sandbox map.

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