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OtherSide shows off first Underworld Ascendant gameplay from new prototype build

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OtherSide Entertainment successfully launched a Kickstarter earlier this yard for Underworld Ascendant, which the developer has described as the "spiritual successor" of the classic Ultima Underworld. The game is being worked on by several former members of Looking Glass, which developed the original game.

Underworld Ascendant passes next stretch goal, adds Lizardmen as a new race, Enhanced Music and Companion Creatures

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One of the best things about reporting on video game news is that you get to use sentences like “lizardmen have been unlocked as a stretch goal” without everyone assuming you're insane.

That's exactly what's happened in Underworld Ascendant's > Kickstarter campaign, which though already funded well past its campaign goal, is still hoovering up some extra cash in its final few hours.

Underworld Ascendant gets Greenlit on Steam after a week

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Underworld Ascendant, industry veteran Paul Neurath's return to the first-person dungeon-crawler genre that made his name, has been Greenlit on Steam.

That means should the game reach a $600,000 goal through its Kickstarter campaign, it can be sold via Valve's retail platform. Developer OtherSide has currently raised just over $517,000 with ten days left to go.

Thief voice actor joins Underworld Ascendant project

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The recently announced retro dungeon crawler Underworld Ascendant will feature the gravelly voiced talents of actor Stephen L. Russell, best known for his portrayal of Thief protagonist Garrett.

It's not known exactly what role Russell will take on if the game's crowd-funding campaign is successful, but it's not particularly surprising to see him reunite with former members of the Looking Glass development team.

Original Ultima Underworld team behind Kickstarter for Underworld Ascendant

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Fantasy RPG fans unite! 1992's Ultima Underworld rocked the world of RPG'dom, and now the original team is back with dreams of Underworld Ascendant, which has just landed on Kickstarter asking for $600k.

Its creators have "unchained the franchise," and it's free to evolve. We'll stumble around The Stygian Abyss, deal with dynamic factions, and its engine will let us be the "MacGyver’ of a fantasy world."

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