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Epic showcases Unreal Tournament reboot's snazzy new Outpost 23 map

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Epic has released a new update for its upcoming, community-developed Unreal Tournament reboot, this time letting players explore Outpost 23, the game's first fully-textured map.

The collaborative project has been opened up in the last few weeks by the announcement that the Unreal Engine 4 tools are now freely available for everyone. Well, as long as you pay Epic a 5% cut of all your sales, that is.

Epic Games release second Unreal Tournament play-testing video

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Epic Games sure want us to know they're having fun with the new Unreal Tournament - they've released another behind the scenes video which shows the team playing a deathmatch game.

You can see a little more than last time, but it's still a bit of a tease. Look, though! It's the trusty old Shock Rifle in shiny modern form.

Squint closely and you'll see the first in-game Unreal Tournament footage

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The team at Epic have released a new video showing off the first, albeit rather blurry and indistinct, footage of the Unreal Tournament reboot in action.

As per their word, Epic are still seeking feedback and assistance from the community to build the game, the first return to the Unreal Tournament world since 2007.

Original Unreal Tournament composers interested in returning for series reboot

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Michiel van den Bos and Alexander Brandon, the two composers who created the soundtrack to the original Unreal Tournament, have indicated their wish to be a part of the crowdsourced reboot of the franchise.

Posting on the official forums, van den Bos asked if there was any interest from the development team in having them back, and project lead Steven Polge was quick to answer in the affirmative.

Epic Games' new Unreal Tournament to be free, not free-to-play

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Obviously someone is holding Epic Games' loved ones hostage because we're getting a game totally free, with no micro-transaction strings attached. The new Unreal Tournament won't cost us a single penny.

Development began on the Unreal Engine 4 shooter the moment they announced, and Epic want to actively have the community help develop it, as in actually make it with them.