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Three Hurrahs for Paradox and Victoria 2.

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Paradox begin pre-orders for Victoria II: Heart of Darkness, launches April 16th

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The latest expansion to Paradix Interactive's Victoria II can now be pre-ordered. Heart of Darkness adds a lot more ways to "grab and hold colonies in the mad scramble for Africa." It releases mid-April.

Select outlets will offer Victoria I Complete to those who pre-order, or 75% off Victoria titles including Victoria II and Victoria II: A House Divided. This add-on also adds International Crises.

Victoria II expansion revealed, Heart of Darkness brings new colonization

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Paradox Interactive is cranking up the industrial machine full steam as they announce Heart of Darkness for Victoria II. The team are expanding the issues surrounding colonization, like disputes.

There's also a new naval system with "greater detail in battles," like range of guns etc along with more ship types. We also get international crisis and a newspaper system to 'filter' out events.

Victoria II: A House Divided expansion announced by Paradox

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The first expansion to Victoria II from Paradox Interactive has been revealed. A House Divided is its name and it releases for the grand strategy in Q1 2012.

It brings with it a new 1861 starting point allowing us to kick start the US Civil War. Paradox has released a new written developer diary following its progress.

Paradox "close to 90%" digital sales, retailers 'bad' for creativity

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Fredrik Wester, Paradox Interactive CEO, has claimed it a "release" to not be reliant on retailer sales for their games, which are now "like a bonus".

He notes we "don't really need" retail chains any more, which have "not been good" for the industry - stifling creativity. It's "really relieving" to speak about it.

Paradox update their schedule, Hearts of Iron III add-on next up

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Those Swedish types at Paradox Interactive have updated their release schedule and next on the list is Hearts of Iron III: For the Motherland out June 28th.

Released yesterday was the free PvP update for Magicka. Supreme Ruler Cold War is due July 19th. 2012 has Crusader Kings II and a Victoria II expansion.

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